BioNews Services

BioNews Services

Uncovering a brand position and telling the world.

BioNews Services was born of the need to provide patients of a rare disease with content that they would otherwise not have access to - or, quite often, the medical knowledge to understand it. With over 75 rare disease communities, they create and translate information for the everyday patient or caregiver. However, when one went to their site, they were speaking and projecting the tone of a marketing company.

Although they do provide marketing services for certain pharmaceutical partners that may be a fit for a specific disease, their main purpose is to provide information and access to their audience.

We went in and started from the ground up - to not only define the mission, vision, values, and tone - but to get key stakeholders on the same page as to what the future of the company looked like.

From there messaging and a new brand system was built across all touchpoints - print, digital, social - off a completely refreshed and reimagined brand.

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Finding and redefining a brand's mission

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Discovering the BioNews Services tagline:

We Serve. We Connect. We Deliver. We are Rare.

Uncovering a Brand Promise:

We provide and simplify relevant content for rare disease patients and their caregivers. We connect lives and facilitate relationships through patient communities. Always, we serve at the pleasure of these patients -for them, and at times with them. We desire, above else, to be a help to them. Information empowers and provides hope…this is our goal.