Co:Lab Pensacola

Co:Lab Pensacola

Re-Ignitining Pensacola's Small Business Community

Founded in 2008, Pensacola's Co:Lab(formerly the Gulf Coast Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) has helped entrepreneurs grow through their resources and coaching, while providing office space and community to the tenants.

The brand was overdue for a brand refresh that truly reflected the energy and vibrant personality of the growing business community. What started out as a rebrand moved into a rename as well. Co:Lab was born of the need for a system in which the name and brand elements reflected the variety of needs of the tenants - as well as the entrepreneurial journey which isn't quite the same for everyone.

Co:work. Co:llaborate. Co:operate. Co:ffee. It's a system that builds and grows. The flexible of the logo is a nod to both it's location on the coast and the winding path of the entrepreneur.

The brand system and messaging extended into not only the brand system, but print marketing materials, a refreshed digital home, and updates throughout the social channels.

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Rebranding the Pensacola entrepreneurial community.

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