iFlashedU Photo Booth Fun

iFlashedU Photo Booth Fun

Packaging fun and quirk into a photo booth brand.

If the name doesn't give it away, iFlashedU is a photo booth brand not just selling a product - they're providing an experience. When we started brand conversations with the owners, the biggest takeaway was to show potential clients that this wasn't your standard photo booth.

Bright colors and lettering that hops off the page, paired with a pattern that can be broken out into custom icons and expanded upon are the core elements of the brand. The combination makes for a completely unique system that allows them to stand out above the competition and go into a variety of markets - weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.

It allows for heavy customization of the pattern element down the line - the possibilities are endless in the way the system can adjust to a different client base they're targeting. All while remaining true to the vibrancy and joy that they aim to bring to every customer they set up a booth for.

Building a photo booth brand on fun.

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