Practical Rebels Episode 17: Stretching the Boundaries to Stand Out in Your Space with Liz Long

In a highly competitive landscape where attention is currency, it’s more important than ever to stand out in a sea of white noise. Brands like Liquid Death, Pit Viper, and even Wendy’s have made names for themselves with wit, edge, and by being LOUD, but how do you make a mark when your culture and industry isn’t built to push the envelope to such an extreme? 

This week, we sit down with our Associate Creative Director Liz Long to discuss how brands can embrace the concept of “Practical Rebels” – pushing the boundaries, within reason. Check out our conversation to learn how every brand can embrace their true selves, lead in their industry, and take notes from unexpected places to stand apart from the competition and build their own unique voice.

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

What is a target audience? What are examples of target audiences? Once defined, how do you reach your target audience? At HatchMark Studio, we have a brand-first approach to marketing for all of our clients. That means that we’ve seen a lot of brand clients come...

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