Practical Rebels Episode 5: How a Data-driven Marketing Strategy Led to a 40% Revenue Increase with Jerold Hall

Can purposeful and impactful branding & marketing be the catalyst for lead generation and a key component to your sales funnel? On this episode of Practical Rebels, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jerold Hall, the Vice President of Sales and Dealer Development at AmCoat Industries. 

He takes a deep dive into the success story of Rhino Shield and the role he played in developing the brand and implementing it to a powerful network of certified dealers. We also discussed everything from producing educational content to turbo charge your inbound marketing strategy to making a six-figure investment in a brand video. 

Whether you believe in the power of sticking to the tried and true fundamentals of marketing and sales or like to push the envelope with omni-channel experimentation, this episode is packed full of great insights that you can implement into your mix today.