We know the importance of

working with an agency that’s the right fit.

One that not only can get the work done but meshes well with your own company culture. Brand and marketing is most successful when approached with collaboration and through communication. This is not a ‘hire and walk away’ task–it’s one led by our expertise but dependent upon your participation.

We seek out clients who embrace this collaboration. Our first task is to get inside the mind of your customer and inside the heart of your organization. We often say too much information is not enough. When we do our job right, we are fluent enough in the inner workings of your organization and services or products you provide that, more often than not, we could sell it to a consumer.

Sounds like a match?

What does this look like? A few examples:

Before any brand positioning is developed or creative is explored, we focus heavily on two sets of conversations–with the team and with the customers. This is twofold. In pre-workshop interviews, we talk directly to those key decision makers who hold the vision of the organization and team members who have relevant perspectives and opinions. We also talk to your former and current customers to gain insight into why they worked with you, their experience, and what makes you special.

Additionally, we workshop with the team. We discuss our findings, your strengths in the market, the brand’s positioning, and get on the same page regarding the direction of the organization and how to share that.

The branding process is deeply involved, and we work together throughout the process to define and communicate how you solve a problem or provide a good or service to your customers. We can only communicate that well when we fully understand the intricacies of what you do and how you stand apart. Therefore, participation is key.

Although ALL content doesn’t need to feature a face or representative of the company, putting you or your team on the grid on a regular basis is important for a few reasons.

It builds trust. When prospective customers see the face behind the brand and hear directly from them, they get to know them and what they stand for in a way that you simply can’t replicate.

It positions you as a thought leader. Product features, answers to common questions, and general updates or information coming directly from the people behind the brand automatically position them as a go-to for information.

It sets you apart. It’s no secret that people follow and buy from those they like, know, and trust. Showing up and sharing regularly is the fastest way to achieve this. However, many avoid this due to a variety of reasons (lack of time, resources, or expertise to make it happen). This is where we shine.

Although we appreciate a client who trusts us to do what we do well and run with ideas, we also know that a strategic approach to your marketing and content development is driven by not only what your customers want to hear from you but by your upcoming plans and needs. This requires collaboration. We meet with clients every 1, 2, or 4 weeks to discuss upcoming events, promotions, needs, and to track current and upcoming marketing efforts against larger strategies.

We are an extension of your team, not simply an outsourced expert. We work with your team to build your brand and work in partnership for the long haul. We want to work with clients who are passionate about what they do, and we want to become equally as passionate about it as well. When those pieces fall into place, we know it’s the right fit.

NeuLine Health’s brand presence has had a remarkable effect on the company for years. Thanks to the work that Hatchmark provided, our timeless brand has helped build the trust that we have throughout the healthcare industry.

Frank Gray, CEO NeuLine Health

The HatchMark team is a great marketing partner for us.  They are creative in their approach and responsive to our needs.  Their brand refresh project transformed our brand in the marketplace, and their knowledge of our business continues to positively impact ongoing projects.

Terry Andre, CEO AmCoat Industrial

From one small business owner to another, Hatchmark has the qualities each of us are looking for when we finally make the leap to ask for help to level UP. Subject matter expertise, cohesive department leads, true investment in your success, and absolutely stellar customer service!  Absolutely one of our best business decisions of 2023. Thank you. 
Cristin Carr Peterson, Co-founder Greek's Catering and Events

HatchMark Studio exceeded all expectations with their exceptional brand work for Andrews Medicine. Their innovation and thoughtful approach perfectly encapsulated Dr. James Andrews’ expertise, translating it seamlessly into a captivating brand identity. The team’s dedication to precision and creativity brought our vision to life, enhancing our brand’s identity beyond measure. Working with HatchMark Studio was an absolute pleasure, and their work truly speaks volumes about their talent and commitment to excellence. 
Ashton Hayward, Founder Andrews Medicine