Practical Rebels Episode 8: Go-to Strategies to Roll Out a Successful Brand Launch

Branding – and rebranding – is a process that can take up to a year. You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and hard work into it. It’s ready to go. How do you share it with the world?

A successful rebrand rollout can breathe new life into a brand, sparking renewed interest from both current and prospective customers. It provides an exciting opportunity to redefine the brand’s image, aligning it more closely with evolving consumer preferences and market trends. Don’t just push it live and let it be, develop a plan to communicate this through press, email, social, an open house, and more!

Our latest episode shares our go-to strategies for how to bring your ‘We’ve launched’ to “WE HAVE ARRIVED!”

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

What is a target audience? What are examples of target audiences? Once defined, how do you reach your target audience? At HatchMark Studio, we have a brand-first approach to marketing for all of our clients. That means that we’ve seen a lot of brand clients come...

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