Expanding a best-in-class orthopaedic brand nationwide.

The Challenge

How do you create a sister brand to the nation’s leading orthopaedic brand that works with it – and stands on its own?

The Approach

We worked alongside their leadership team to create a strong positioning and messaging system from which all other collateral was built.

Move Better. Together.

The Andrews brand has been the leading voice in the sports and orthopaedic world for 15 years. Dr. Andrews has been the go-to for everyone from medical residents in training to professional athletes seeking treatment, and he has built a legacy around research, innovation, and excellence.

In early 2022, the brand expanded to serve even more patients and raise the expectation of a sports and orthopaedic practice with the inception of the Andrews Medicine brand.

Through Andrews Medicine, Dr. Andrews and his team are partnering with best-in-class hospital systems to open and grow Andrews Medicine facilities nationwide.

We worked with their team at every stage – from the brand and website development to support of presentation pitch materials.

As we kicked off the collaboration, we worked with the leadership team to dig in and define what the Andrews Medicine brand will be providing and explore how to communicate their incredibly robust offering in an easy-to-understand way across materials. Reputation and relationships are foundational keys to their business, so there were two approaches to materials.

  1. The website was to act as a high-level overview of their approach to spark interest and instigate an email or call to learn more.
  2. The deeper presentation materials guide a conversation in person and provide a deeper level of the partnership approach.

This range in the way the content is presented laid a solid groundwork for any materials built in the future. Through conversations with leadership, partners, and clients, we gained an invaluable perspective of their one-of-a-kind approach to business development in tandem with their hospital system partners. This guided messaging and creative moving forward.

An Andrews Medicine partnership approach is truly the first of its kind, debuting in a niche market wherein Andrews Institute is the leading voice. Through Andrews Medicine, they are able to replicate the success of the Andrews Institute brand, including the research and cutting-edge practices developed through the Andrews Research & Education Foundation.

The overall Andrews Medicine positioning has been developed around two core concepts:

  1. Dr Andrews’ reputation for setting the standard for the highest patient care in sports and orthopaedic medicine.
  2. The newly-created partnership approach developed by the Andrews Medicine team to grow and develop pre-eminent facilities with existing healthcare systems nationwide.

Their overall positioning statement is as follows:

“Dr. James R. Andrews and Andrews Medicine have set — and continuously raised — the standard for sports medicine and orthopaedic preventative care, treatment, surgical techniques, rehabilitation, and research, globally. Guided by the belief that exceptional clinical care should be accessible to all, countless patients and athletes have benefited from his expertise. 

From his time at the Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia, to his work now at the Andrews Institute in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Andrews has established the standard of patient care and excellence in sports medicine and orthopaedics.

As a founding member of Andrews Institute and Andrews Research and Education Foundation in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Andrews has recently formed a new healthcare company, Andrews Medicine, which is a culmination of his life’s work. Through Andrews Medicine, he is now partnering with best-in-class healthcare systems and providers seeking to give their patients access to this highest level of patient care and excellence, guided by cutting edge clinical research: The Andrews Way. 

Andrews Medicine partners and integrates with leading healthcare systems looking to grow and develop pre-eminent sports medicine and orthopaedic care across the country and around the world. The growth and development of these practices involves implementation of The Andrews Way and is facilitated by Andrews Medicine’s ability to develop both clinical facilities and outpatient surgical centers.

These partnerships not only deliver the roadmap and knowledge to develop and grow a world-class sports medicine and orthopaedic practice, but also grant exclusive access to the decades of comprehensive insight, experience, and clinical innovation that Dr. Andrews has developed over his career.”

Additionally, a tagline was developed. The idea of ‘movement’ constantly surfaced during our conversations. Dr. Andrews’ work and treatments allowing patients to move better throughout their lives. The movement and growth for the hospital systems that the Andrews capabilities propel. Additionally, partnership was a key theme to incorporate.

“Move Better. Together.”

There were two focuses with the messaging – the big picture/overarching brand messaging, as well as longer-form content to dive deeper into the brand’s capabilities, and what they provide for their partners.

Mission: Andrews Medicine delivers a brand-directed integrated platform to healthcare systems, providers, sports-affiliated organizations, and the communities they serve. 

Vision: To provide each patient access to the highest quality care and outcomes through Andrews Medicine partnerships with the nation’s premiere healthcare systems.

Always learning. Always teaching. Always improving. The Andrews brands never settle. Meticulous refinements, improvements, and the drive to continuously do better have created the Andrews standard. It’s a cyclical system of tweaking, teaching, and repeating. We seek this same energy in partners, and they should expect the same from us.

Raising the industry standard. Andrews Medicine is the gold standard in sports and orthopaedic medicine. We believe in healthy competition – and that a rising tide raises all ships. The presence of an Andrews Medicine facility in any market redefines the standard of care across all healthcare facilities in that area.

Leading and teaching the next generation. The Andrews family of fellows is vast – and is the core to educating the next generation of physicians in The Andrews Way. Andrews Medicine brands have a responsibility to continue that mentor spirit, and to pass the knowledge of Dr. Andrews to young physicians and fellows that come through their facilities.

Access for anyone, everywhere. We believe that everyone should feel and move their best at all stages of life. Dr. Andrews’ reach has previously extended nationwide through his 650+ fellows, and is now taking a step further to empower hospital systems with access to that same unparalleled level of research and care in their respective markets.

Commitment to excellence. We will always do what’s best by the patient, no matter who, where, or why they’re seeking treatment. Additionally, we always strive to be the best partner possible – learning from and leading through each other.

The Power of partnership. Longevity builds powerful brands and teams that excel. That grow. That learn and become better with each patient. We’re here to partner with brands for the long haul. To be a guide, to provide education, information, and access to create the best collaboration possible.

Value Proposition: An Andrews Medicine partnership provides credibility, and exclusive access to the world’s foremost orthopaedic and sports medicine brand. 

Furthermore, it connects patients of all ages and needs to The Andrews Way – the utmost level of care and patient outcomes available. Beyond this, we’re partners in community engagement, proven revenue drivers, and have built the roadmap to develop and grow a world-class orthopaedic and sports medicine practice. 

Brand Pillars:

Access & Outcomes
We believe in the best access and outcomes to quality healthcare for all patients, no matter who, where, or what age. 

For the first time ever, the Andrews Medicine partnership model provides this access to patients nationwide.

Leadership & Training
Dr. James Andrews has paved the way in orthopaedic and sports medicine for decades. Through his fellowship program, he has trained the next generation of physicians.

Andrews Medicine is aligning with leading healthcare systems to continue that legacy.

Research & Education
The standard has been set in orthopaedic and sports medicine, through continuously refining and improving treatment and surgical techniques. 

The spirit of always learning and improving is key to any brand in the Andrews Medicine family.

Advocacy & Prevention
Dr. James Andrews passion for preventing injuries in youth sports resonates through all his programs and actions in the industry. 

Andrews Medicine will continue to create a collaborative approach within the industry to educate the sporting community on principles of safe sports. This will have lasting impacts on the health of future generations.

External, public-facing messaging was key to bring their internal values and differentiators to life for potential hospital partners, and ultimately, patients.

Benefits of Partnership:

Credibility. Align with the most recognized brand in Ortho sports med industry – immediate alignment with nationally recognized centers of excellence.​

Access. The playbook on patient care based off decades of experience and research. He’s trained 650+ fellows to carry on this legacy. For the first time, the proven Andrews roadmap to build or expand an orthopaedic practice is now available through an Andrews Medicine partnership.​

Revenue. Proven results in market share gains / service line financial success and cost-efficient care models.

Recruitment. Attract and retain top talent in all areas of orthopaedics and sports medicine program. Andrews programs have consistently succeeded in recruitment of local and national talent to their teams.​

The Andrews Way:
Dr. James Andrews & Andrews Medicine have set — and continuously raise — the standard globally for orthopaedics and sports medicine including preventative care, treatment, surgical techniques, rehabilitation, and research. Guided by the belief that exceptional clinical care should be accessible to all. Countless patients and athletes have benefited from The Andrews Way.

Key Headlines(both for hospital partners and end patients):

  • Expect the highest level of patient care and outcomes available in sports and orthopaedic care. Experience the Andrews Way.
  • The highest level of patient care and outcomes available in sports medicine and orthopaedic care is now within reach. (Insert Health System Name) is now an Andrews Medicine partner.
  • The gold standard in sports medicine and orthopaedic care is now within reach. (Insert Health System Name) is now an Andrews Medicine partner.
  • For those who expect the highest level of patient care and outcomes available in sports medicine and orthopaedic care.
  • We built the playbook for sports medicine and orthopaedic care. Andrews Medicine.
  • 8 to 80, we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Helping you move through life. 
  • Moving better. Together.
  • Helping you move through all stages of life.
  • Move well. Andrews Medicine.

With the positioning and messaging firmly in place, we transitioned to the visual system to bring the brand to life. The first piece to reinvent was the Andrews Medicine logo. The Andrews Institute brand already had an ‘A’ mark that has been in place for years, so we worked within those guardrails to re-imagine the ‘A’ for the new brand.

The color system leans on a solid palette paired with blue gradients that pop with red and green hues. The core blue color plays well with both sports and healthcare themes, and the green and red suggests energy and movement.

Icon usage, photo cutouts, and layout standards came together to establish the visual system across any future collateral. The brand is intentionally full of life and energy, yet still feels like it fits within the healthcare space. It’s a unique blend of these two worlds that has set it apart – while still playing nicely alongside the existing Andrews Institute brand.

The Andrews Medicine website was the culmination of all the work done thus far to create a brochure-style resource to share the offering with new prospects. Most visitors will be in the healthcare system space, often doing research to find out what Andrews medicine offers.

Integrating movement and bold visuals, it’s a taste of what partners should expect when working with the Andrews Medicine brand. Some key features to highlight were existing partnerships, the team of experts, their extensive capabilities, and the ability to easily share any news or PR – directly from the internal team or from media outlets.