Reinvigorating the brand for a major player in healthcare real estate.

The Challenge

How do you help a national healthcare real estate company stand out in a sea of same? 

The Approach

We did a top-to-bottom brand refresh to lay the foundation for a full, custom website build to breathe new life into a well-established name.

Better Access.
Quality Outcomes.
Lasting Relationships.

Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate was founded in 2011. They partner with healthcare providers and systems to provide a comprehensive real estate solution that supports the mission, vision, and values of their company. A team of people who understand the ins and outs of healthcare, they handle everything from strategic development and acquisition to asset and property management. 

Located just around the corner from us in Downtown Pensacola, their team reached out to get the ball rolling with a brand refresh and a new website. Having worked with some of their team members on other projects, we knew the partnership would be a perfect fit.

Our initial meeting with Catalyst was equal parts prolific and impactful. We could clearly see how they were a company that was already operating with a strong culture, a clear mission, and unwavering values. Seeing how they were already doing so much right, we knew all we had to do was tie it all together and bring it to life visually. 

The current website was informative and effective, but the messaging was slightly scattered and piecemealed together over the years. With such a solid foundation of information and a team dedicated to collaboration, the only thing left to do was dial in the messaging to create some cohesion from page to page on the new website.

The Catalyst team needed a strong message to stand behind. Something that the internal team could get excited about each day and make sure all of their projects were serving their purpose. With this in mind, we crafted their manifesto. 

We are Catalyst. 

A passionate team of healthcare real estate experts committed to helping build and execute your vision. From developing lifelong partnerships to creating and performing on shared goals, we weave patient accessibility, comfort, and care throughout every fiber of our commitments while staying fiercely focused on achieving an outstanding outcome. 

We approach every need, every plan, and every partnership with knowledge gained through hundreds of successful real estate-oriented engagements. Our depth and breadth of collective experience positions us as the only resource you need to manage all aspects of strategic real estate initiatives. 

We have a proven track record of enhancing the health and wellness of each community in which we live and work and foster a culture of stewardship that remains long after our tasks are completed. 

Our insatiable approach to healthcare real estate and dedication to layered excellence ensures that every client experience evolves into a lasting, meaningful relationship.

The Catalyst team offers several solutions for healthcare real estate. We knew that there were overarching headlines we could establish that would live on general marketing materials, website headers, and beyond to give potential clients a 30,000-foot view of what they provide. 


  • Your partner in planning, creation, optimization, and management.
  • We are your nationwide, full-service healthcare partner, built from a platform organized around a highly focused suite of deliverables.
  • A custom approach to community healthcare planning. A partnered approach to healthy practice deployment. An intentional approach to ensuring access for all.
  • Groundbreaking healthcare.

We also knew that there was going to be a specific need to drill deeper into the separate silos to reach certain clientele. Because of that, we identified three key target audiences that we wanted to develop custom messaging for. 


  • At the intersect of exceptional patient care and superior development practices.
  • Identifying and engaging resources to efficiently bring your vision to life.
  • Groundbreaking healthcare with a shared goal: delivering better access to quality outcomes and lasting relationships.

Capital Access Partners

  • Your real estate capital partner to deliver and deploy the necessary resources to engage and elevate a community.
  • Turning your real estate into capital, allowing you to reinvest in your core competency of healthcare delivery.
  • We place capital through a holistic understanding of the full spectrum of healthcare delivery.

Asset Management

  • Your partner for a financially sound asset management strategy focused on healthy practice growth and longevity.
  • In step with your long-term vision for development and growth at every touchpoint of the healthcare life cycle.
  • Your suite of experts to manage, hold, and move capital, driven by a long-term growth and investment strategy custom-fit to your vision.

A well-recognized brand on a national level, the Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate logo had enough staying power that we didn’t want to disrupt what was already working. Small tweaks and modernizations were in order for the logo to freshen things up while maintaining that legacy. 

The color palette is where we saw an opportunity to push the brand. We wanted to reatin that buttoned-up, professional look of primary blues throughout the brand that is expected in the medical space. With that in mind, we brought in a fresh rush of earthy tones with green, yellow, and red to add splashes of the unexpected around every corner to bring a richness to the brand that is both eye-catching and memorable. 

We tied everything together with an icon system to be used across the practice areas that we animated with the logo to create an engaging moment on the website and other digital areas.

The Catalyst team gave us a heads up that many of their pitch meeting attendees still love the feel of a printed handout. With that in mind, we knew we had to package a polished capabilities booklet that could leave a lasting impression in any meeting.

Coupled with a full business suite of all of their branded office necessities, the collateral portion of the brand project really helped bring the new look and feel to life in a way you could reach out and touch.

Additionally, every company needs a great capabilities deck to take on the road to meetings and to send out to potential prospects. Catalyst was eager to deploy their new brand elements into their existing brand presentations. The result was an engaging, well-structured group of slides that was easy to digest and visually appealing.

The Catalyst website was a big piece to the puzzle. The new brand was sealed up, and it was time to start digging in on the content to make sure their digital presence was firing on all cylinders. Easy editing and perpetual updates were at the top of the must-haves list for the Catalyst team, so we decided that a custom Squarespace website was the target. 

We held collaborative creative sessions with their executive team and marketing director to get the website design and functionality from “we like it” to “we love it.” The outcome was a website that is easy to navigate, informative, and displays all of the amazing work that Catalyst has done over the years throughout the US.

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