Launching and growing a medspa from the ground up.

The Challenge

How do you build and set a brand apart in a market saturated with providers offering similar services?

The Approach

Branding with a clear differentiator, paired with a multi-faceted marketing approach sets them above the competition.

Where clinical expertise meets cosmetic self-care.

Launching in 2022, NeuLine Aesthetics was built out of an existing medical practice, a group of primary and preventative care physicians in the Dallas area. As the clinics grew and thrived, adding an aesthetics arm was a natural extension of the brand that was already offering services like IV infusions, clinical weight loss programs, and preventative care for patients. 

Aesthetics is all about making patients look and feel their best, no matter what stage of life they are in. Some studies suggest that taking small steps to address things that are bothering you can lead to elevated mood, greater well-being, and a better quality of life.

Building a brand that could live on its own – and also feel a part of a larger family – was key. The NeuLine family of companies began in the ambulatory EEG space through NeuLine Health, later extending into general practice with the opening of The NeuLine Clinic locations in DFW. Drawing a common thread between two different companies was surprisingly seamless.

All of these organizations orbit around superior patient care, an all-in-one approach to services, and preventative medicine.

NeuLine Aesthetics checks all those boxes. They are building the premier spot for aesthetics services in the North Dallas area. From neurotoxin and filler to facial balancing and clinical weight loss solutions, their practitioners have worked in the medical field for decades and have an intensive background with both medical knowledge and patient care to help implement procedures and guide a patient through what’s right for them, relative to their goals. They also take a subtle approach to treatments – making small tweaks and adjustments to keep a patient looking natural, curbing and slowing the signs of aging.

The NeuLine Aestheics messaging platform focused on not only defining who they were internally, but sharing that through consumer-facing messaging that was used across a range of marketing collateral. 

“To enhance our clients’ lives through exceptional aesthetic treatments, cutting-edge products and clinically-trianed practitioners who are committed to continuous medical education”

Value Proposition:
We are your trusted aesthetic partner, bringing cosmetic care to the already robust NeuLine Clinic suite of services. We’re dedicated to being your go-to for every stage of your health and wellness journey.

Customer-Facing Messaging:
We developed three pillars that the brand leans into. What do they stand behind, and how do we communicate their approach in a clear and simple way?

  1. Aesthetic care is self care – We know that when you look good, you feel good. Cosmetic treatments have been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and increase overall wellbeing.
  2. Education backed by ongoing training – Our practitioners have years of medical experience and aesthetic training, and are currently at the forefront of new procedures and products.
  3. Your partner at every step of your wellness journey – We’ve housed our aesthetics division within The NeuLine Clinic to provide our patients with convenient access to our cosmetic offerings.

A library of messages to use across the website, social media, and ads were created. 

  1. The beginning and end of your self-care search.
  2. We believe that when you look your best, you feel your best.
  3. Take control of your self-care. NeuLine. NeuYou.
  4. Where clinical expertise meets cosmetic self-care.
  5. Where premium aesthetic services and clinical expertise coalesce.

…and more.

This brand needed to be at the crux of professional, high-end, and beautiful. Furthermore, it had to fit alongside two sister brands that certainly checked the “medical look” boxes.

We worked to build a logo that paired with the dedicated NeuLine font, already used across other brands, as well as an icon that mimicked the system of curved elements in the other two brands. This resulted in the smile paired with the spark. Satisfied patients meets the highest quality professionals.

From here, we developed a color palette that leaned into the spa/beauty world. Soft teals, pinks, and a pop of black to ground it. Gradients are used heavily throughout, as well as photo cutouts or images on minimal backgrounds, paired with layers to add depth to the brand system. The result is fresh, clean, and stunning.

Social media has been a massive part in building brand trust, awareness, and creating a following – leading to appointments and a continuously growing client base. We take a multi-pronged approach to their social. 

    1. Thought leadership. Prior to the brand launch, we went to Dallas to capture content over three days. A major part of this was capturing the physicians in their element – discussing procedures, their approach, and answering frequently asked questions. This content capture continues and is populated to their social channels and YouTube.
    2. Results. Patients want to see before and afters, and we work with their practitioners to capture this content as patients are in the chair during appointments.
    3. Brand Awareness. General branded content that drives information on services, events, and overall clinic news.
    4. Eventing. Botox and Filler parties have been big draws for the brand. Creating partnerships with complementary businesses have resulted in days with packed schedules and create a fun environment for those new to aesthetic services.
    5. Giveaways. We’ve seen tremendous results with hosting giveaways that drive eyes to their page and lead to a spike in followers. 

Beyond organic social, a light paid ad spend has been instrumental in getting their content in front of prospective clients. We’re seeing results equivalent to $1/follower – and they’re quality follows from patients interested in the service, in their area, and ones that stay.

In the aesthetics space, social media is often the first digital touchpoint a brand has with its customers. However, the website needed to act as a digital brochure – a place for prospective patients to gather more information, to act as a point of legitimacy, and also to contact the practice or book appointments.

We built a custom branded site on the WordPress platform that’s easy to update and add services to as the practice grows.

Additionally, each service page has it’s own form that ties to hyper-targeted marketing emails and contact flows, depending on their interest. Trackable, targeted leads.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers who have self-selected as wanting to receive your content. We utilize email to their already-robust list to send information about new services, specials, and parties or events.

Furthermore, these lists were segmented down into what servies were inquired about to send targeted, personalized content to those individuals.

Although digital is king in this industry, traditional collateral is still important. From business cards to marketing leave-behinds to patient after-care sheets, we developed a full suite of marketing materials to support their sales and internal team members.

As the NeuLine Aesthetics line of offerings expanded, they began to provide treatments that would bridge the gap between the Aesthetics line of the business and the general practice, NeuLine Clinic, which serves as a referral system to the sister company.

The ReNeu line of produts were rolled out – focusing on sexual health and wellness, hair restoration, and mood boosting & energizing supplements. This sub-brand needed to fit within the NeuLine Aesthetics but stand on its own.

A full system of messaging around the overall offering – as well as each product – was developed.

“ReNeu is the line of sexual wellness and feel-good products offered by NeuLine Aesthetics. We believe that when you look good, you feel good.

And since feeling good can lead to other things, it’s important to make sure those intimate moments with your partner are special.”

It was key to ensure the visual and messaging system were sophisticated, playful, and sexy. We developed a full set of messaging and graphics that checked these boxes, while still feeling premium and scientifically-based.