Bringing a Dallas-based, at-home EEG service nationwide.

The Challenge

How do you support a brand’s rapid growth as the industry moves from in-clinic to at-home during a global pandemic?

The Approach

We built a brand around information, education, and sharing the benefits of an at-home approach through messaging, visuals, and video.

Leading the Wave in Exceptional EEG Care.

NeuLine Health was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2016 when it identified a need in the market for patients undergoing EEG testing. Traditional EEG testing typically takes place at a testing facility, requiring an individual to spend 72 hours under surveillance and away from home. It’s incredibly inconvenient and many don’t get the diagnosis and treatment needed because of this.

NeuLine’s ambulatory EEG testing takes place in the comfort of patients’ homes with minimal disruption to their everyday lives. They have quickly expanded services across the country, with physicians and techs in 23 states offering NeuLine as an attractive (and more affordable) option for those needing treatment.

Superior service meant the business was growing quickly. This was accelerated by the onset of COVID, forcing hospitals to delay non-emergency procedures. These factors sparked the need for a brand refresh. Clear positioning, messaging, and visuals were needed to take it to the next level and establish confidence in the brand among new prospective referring providers and patients.

Although a majority of the audience NeuLine Health was speaking directly to were HCPs and neurologists, we realized during discovery that the NeuLine Health site and collateral had to address patient concerns as well. News that one must submit to an EGG test is intimidating. Ensuring that the information patients need education on to instill confidence in the procedure was made easily accessible was identified as a high priority.

In order to properly different NeuLine from its competitors, we took a deep dive into the way traditional EEGs are administered. We also had conversations with everyone involved in the process of testing – from referring providers to techs to the sales team – to get a full view of the benefits of ambulatory testing over traditional methods. As ambulatory is more convenient, less disruptive to everyday life, and more affordable, patient compliance and willingness to undergo the testing increased significantly.

Leadership from the NeuLine Health team visited Pensacola for two reasons – to both participate in a brand workshop and film content for the brand leadership video. This partnered approach between the HatchMark Studio and Lensea Film teams allowed us to not only be efficient with everyone’s time and travel budgets but to allow leadership to talk about NeuLine at the perfect time – immediately after spending a half-day discussing the brand and its future. During the workshop, we not only solidified the WHY of each audience, but we dug into the purpose of the organization. A key driver for all NeuLine brands is to make care and convenience more accessible to all who needed, and this was the base of much of the messaging moving forward.

NeuLine’s messaging is built around several core concepts. 1) Convenience in performing the test at home. 2) Cost savings as opposed to an inpatient visit at a clinic, paired with their patient-friendly billing approach. 3) A repeatable business model that physicians across the country can partner with to grow an ancillary arm of their practice.

They strive for excellence in every segment of their business.

This comes together to form their tagline, “Leading the Wave in Exceptional EEG Care.” This expands into a positioning statement that dives deeper into their value proposition.

NeuLine Health leads the wave of the future when it comes to at-home EEG testing. We deliver certified technicians to the patient’s door for stress-free, at-home neurodiagnostic testing; increasing accuracy and delivery of the results in a timely, streamlined manner. Because of our proven process, doctors and patients can uncover lifesaving information faster than EEG tests performed at the hospital. We achieve this through ease of scheduling, patient-friendly billing, and at-home approach. While hospital EEGs require patients to commit to a five to seven days inpatient stay, NeuLine Health can achieve the same or better results in three days while from the comfort of a patient’s home. Being in a comfortable setting relaxes the brain and reflects the patient’s condition more precisely. At NeuLine Health, we strive for excellence from our team to give practitioners, patients, and partners the best EEG experience on the market.

The brand positioning work served as the cornerstone for the practitioner and patient-facing messaging. These primarily lived on the website and sales marketing materials and are continuously added to as new ones rise to the top.

Sample Headlines

  • The Best EEG Clinical Care from the Comfort of Home.
  • Think Outside the Clinic.
  • Leading the Wave in EEG Patient Care Through Convenience and Cost Savings in the Comfort of their Home.
  • Accurate, Accessible, Affordable. Always.
  • Putting the Ease in EEG.
  • Enabling Physicians. Empowering Patients.
  • Providing Life-Changing Insights with Speed, Convenience, and Care.

With the messaging in place, a complete overhaul of the visual system began. The first thing we addressed was the logo — specifically how to create a minimal but powerful mark that could work across print, web, and video. It also had to have legs to build from as the business had plans for additional services.

Our tagline inspired the mark. “Leading the wave in exceptional EEG care” featured a brain wave, but in a way not done before. It’s simple yet powerful, incorporating the ‘nlh’ into the logo. This is bookended by vertical marks, reinforcing the idea of NeuLine handling the patient experience from referral to results. They pride themselves on being at the patient’s side every step of the way.

In exploring the color palette, we found that many medical brands default to a blue. It’s become the calling card of the industry. Our palette nods to this, however it expands further into a system that gives us options to move outside the expected. It feels bright, friendly, and welcoming.

With any medical brand, featuring patients and staff is incredibly important. We built a photography and illustration system that allows us to do this in situations that are both literal (photography) and conceptual (illustrated). NeuLine is communicating complex concepts – and illustration is a fantastic way to do this. 

The illustration system also includes patterning and icon styles. A pattern built from the lines and curves of the logo mark was developed to add visual interest to collateral, and icons followed a similar style. Minimal, line-drawn representations of any concept we could need.

The NeuLine Health site served two primary purposes:

First, to inform physicians about the NLH services, explaining their differentiator and why it is a better solution for patients. Providers needed to be able to access patient forms, submit an order, and get more information about becoming a NeuLine Health partner or provider.

Second, it neded to educate patients on the procedure they are about to undergo and answer any questions they may have leading up to their appointment. We did this through both blog content, educational resources, and patient experience videos.

In both instances, the brand needed to instill peace of mind in their audience.

With the brand in place,  we moved into a customer engagement cycle through social media management and thought leadership content creation. We plan, create, and manage their LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog. This allows us to speak on a variety of topics — general health and neurological — and educate both peers and customers.

Beyond social content, these blog articles serve as educational resources for patients and instill confidence in potential partnering physicians by positioning NeuLine Health as a team of experts.

The NeuLine Health brand story was packaged into two videos, put together in partnership with the Lensea Film team.

First, a narrative featuring leadership speaking to the drivers behind the NeuLine brand was key. It focuses on their purpose and why their approach is not only better for the patient, but for caregivers and physicians.

Second, one to highlight the patient experience. We repeatedly heard about the uncertainty and questions around the process of having an ambulatory EEG test performed. This video was created to show exactly what to expect – from the time your doctor orders a test to receiving the final results.

We shot photos alongside the Lensea team for use on both the site and social.

With the growth of NeuLine Health came the development of their own patient monitoring and reporting platform, Neuline X. This platform is the first to give real-time custom monitoring to physicians during the EEG testing process. Its mission?

To provide superior reporting and give real-time access to neurologists and general providers throughout the EEG testing process, leading to better patient outcomes.

The brand needed to stand on its own for licensing purposes, as well as live within the NeuLine Health platform for use among NLH’s partner physicians and techs. We also had to clearly communicate the platform’s benefits:

We are wholeheartedly committed to improving EEG testing for both patients and providers. Doctors and technicians deserve to have real-time access to critical data in a user-friendly, easy-to-read software interface that is equally accessible and effective when they need it most.

We know that providing patients with the peace of mind that they are being continuously monitored during a potentially uneasy time for their family makes a difference. Giving patients an abundance of access during an EEG test helps them feel seen, heard, and cared for from start to finish.

And because seconds matter during a diagnosis, increasing provider access to nuanced reporting without having to wait for a summary means patients can remain in the comfort and security of their homes, and reduces the chances of a costly hospital visit.

We aren’t waiting for the world of EEG testing to change.

We are changing it, exponentially.

The messaging is aspirational, empowering, and fits well into the medical sphere. 

Their visual system compliments the core NeuLine Heath palette, but utilizes gradients and vibrant colors. It fits in the medical space as well as the tech software space. The full visual system was developed. Patterns, photo treatments, UI elements, and more to support both the digital platform and sales materials.