Practical Rebels Episode 4: Blurring the Lines of Traditional, Commercial Art & Brand with Daniela de Castro

Daniela de Castro is rare blend of left and right brain on steroids. Merging a passion for science and puzzles, a background in fine art, a degree in design, and a love of branding, she has grown a name for herself in the international mural community. Episode 4 is a deep dive into her journey from pharmacy student to mural and installation work that spans hospitality, food & bev, medical spaces, and major festivals.

Her work is layered with meaning and always exploring new techniques – some completely innovative in the mural world.

Listen to our conversation on community, her process, and how her approach to mural development makes them a powerful marketing tool for her customers.

See more of Dani’s work on her instagram at @danielapaints, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

How Do You Define Your Brand’s Target Audience?

What is a target audience? What are examples of target audiences? Once defined, how do you reach your target audience? At HatchMark Studio, we have a brand-first approach to marketing for all of our clients. That means that we’ve seen a lot of brand clients come...

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